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 Calloway County Preschool
2106-A College Farm Road
Murray, KY 42071
Leisha Barlow, Principal/Director
Phone: 270-762-7410
Fax: 270-762-7412


 East Calloway Elementary 
1169 Pottertown Road
Murray, KY 42071
Kathy Crouch, Principal
Phone: 270-762-7325
Fax: 270-762-7330

 North Calloway Elementary
2928 Brinn Road
Murray, KY 42071
Melinda Hendley, Principal
Phone: 270-762-7335
Fax: 270-762-7340


Southwest Calloway Elementary
3426 Wiswell Road
Murray, KY 42071
Josh McKeel, Principal
Phone: 270-762-7345
Fax: 270-762-7350

Calloway County Middle School
2112 College Farm Road
Murray, KY 42071
Amy Turner, Principal
Phone: 270-762-7355
Fax: 270-762-7360


Calloway County High School
2108 College Farm Road
Murray, KY 42071
Randy McCallon, Principal
Phone: 270-762-7375
Fax: 270-762-7380

 Alternative Instructional Facility
2003 College Farm Road
Murray, KY 42071
Travis Anderson,Principal / Director
Phone: 270-762-7318
Fax: 270-762-7429