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Board of Education

Photo of Central Office Building 

Board Central Office
PO Box 800

2110 College Farm Road

Murray, KY 42071


Phone: (270) 762-7300

Fax: (270) 762-7310



    Board Member Jay Housden     

Jeff Gordon 

 Steve Grogan  Jay Housden Leeann Myers Richard Smotherman
Calloway County Board of Education Policies are available online at the KSBA website.





Board Office (January 8)


North Elementary School (February 120


Board Office (March 12)


East Elementary School (April 16)


Board Office (May 14)


Board Office (June 11)


Board Office (July 9)


AIF (August 13)


High School (September 10)


Southwest Elementary School (October 15)


Middle School (November 12)


Preschool (December 10)

Public Attendance

The public and the news media are permitted to attend all open meetings of the Board.
No person may be required to id
entify himself in order to attend any such meeting.


The chairman may impose conditions upon attendance at a given meeting only if such
conditions are required for the maintenance of order.

Public Participation

Persons wishing to address the Board must first be recognized by the chairman.


The chairman may require the name and address of the speaker. The chairman may
rule on the relevance of the topic to the Board's agenda. The chairman may also
establish time limits for speakers as may be required to maintain order and to ensure
the expedient conduct of the Board's business.



Philosophy of Education

Believing that education is both a right and a privilege for the youth of our community, the Board
further believes that the educational program of our schools should be designed to help each student:


  1. Master fundamental skills and knowledge needed and desired.

  2. Gain an appreciation of learning as a search for truth and as an opportunity for personal fulfillment.

  3. Develop good work habits and critical evaluation.

  4. Become a loyal, enlightened citizen through the daily practice of democratic principles.

  5. Recognize and prefer wise and just leadership.

  6. Appreciate the fact that discipline is the price of freedom.

  7. Prepare for employment or for higher levels of learning.

  8. Develop individual potential so far as possible.

  9. Develop good physical and mental health.

  10. Be able to understand, live, and strengthen American heritage.

  11. Understand and appreciate the physical universe, the natural laws which govern it, and the scientific method of problem solving.

  12. Develop an appreciation of the good and beautiful as expressed in the fine arts.

  13. Learn that "getting along" with other people is a fundamental prerequisite for a full life.

  14. Develop moral and ethical character.